Arizona Reserve Studies

Facilities Advisors has been preparing reserve studies in Arizona since 1999.  We have worked with condominium, homeowners, and timeshare associations in The Phoenix area, including Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and also in Sedona, Lake Havasu, and Tucson.

1) The FAI team wrote the book on reserve studies, the most comprehensive analysis ever made of this topic - "Reserve Studies - The Complete Guide"

2) The FAI team wrote the universally recognized standards for reserve studies for the International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) - Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards - Facilities Advisors CEO Gary Porter is also president of ICBI

3) Our Facilities 7 internet-based software has been certified by ICBI and tested by an independent CPA firm.

The primary benefit to you of selecting Facilities Advisors International for your reserve study is that we are the ONLY reserve study company to possess all three of the primary skillsets required in the reserve study process.  Most reserve study companies possess only one skill, and that is in the evaluation of physical components.  We've taken that skillset higher, as our team includes a Facilities Managament Professional (FMP), a licensed contractor, and construction manager.  But, Facilities Advisors also has two more skills necessary to the reserve study process that our competitors don't have.  Our team includes an individual who was a partner in a public (insurance) adjusting company who adjusted association insurance claims totalling millions of dollars.  That's a valuation/pricing skill others don't have.  One team member is a CPA, so our entire team has been coached in the financial modeling and report presentation skills that others don't have.

Competitive fees - Our cutting edge technology allows us to capture data while onsite using a tablet comuter and our proprietary data capture software.  This makes our services more efficient, and we pass that savings on to you.


Responsiveness - We listen to your needs.  We will make any requested changes to your report, as long as such changes do not violate the integrity of the report and funding plan.

Easy-to-understand reports -  We follow the ICBI standards in reporting, which means you get the information you need, and in an easy-to-understand format.  We focus on telling you where you're at now, and showing you the 30-year plan to provide funding for your future expenditures.  Our reports give you the information you need to (1) prepare your budget, and (2) communicate summary in formation to your board of directors and members.

Internet-based software - None of our competitors can match our internet-based software for power, accuracy, or ability to keep information updated.  This is the software we use to prepare your reserve study, and we turn it over to you for a one year license agreement as part of our service.  You can update information yourself ans things change over time.  This allows you to keep your reserve plan up-to-date, and save money in the future by (1) proactively planning reserve projects, and (2) minimizing future reserve study costs based on your update of component information.

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You win with our unique approach to reserve studies; competitive fees, easy-to-read reports, a component structure tailored to YOUR association, and access to our internet-based software.  This is not just an Excel workbook, we give you access to the same software we use to perform your reserve study - the most powerful software in the industry, which has been tested by an independent CPA firm for accuracy of calculations.  We work WITH our clients to help you achieve the best outcome.

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California law is codified as the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.  Sections 1365 and 1365.2.5 set the disclosure requirements and specific format of certain disclosures.  Section 1365.5 establishes performance standards.  These standards require a visual site inspection every three years.  Since the disclosure standards require new information to be distributed to members as part of the annual budget, it is virtually impossible for the association to comply with the disclosure requirements unless the association performs an update without site inspections in the two "off" years.
The full text of California Civil Code §1365 is attached.
Facilities Advisors, Inc. has been preparing reserve studies in California since 1982.  We have prepared numerous reserve studies for all types of associations; condominiums, planned developments, timeshare associations, and cooperatives.  Our reserve study reports are unique - they are designed to meet your statutory requirements, to serve as a maintenance plan, and the reports and disclosures are designed to save you time.  You save time in budget preparation because we prepare the reserve disclosures for you.  Our unique reserve staudy comparison exhibit also saves you time by showing you where our current report differs from the previous report, no matter who prepared the prior report.  It helps report users understand and evaluate what has changed since the prior report was issued.
Our Goals for your Reserve Study
Our primary goal is to make sure that your reserve study complies with statutory requirements.   See our sample California disclosure.  This disclosure form is designed to simply be made a part of your annual budget package.  Failure to make the proper disclosures on a timely basis limits the association's ability to increase assessments.
Our second goal is to make your reserve study something more than simply the fulfillment of a statutory obligation. We believe that the reserve study should be a functional tool used in the financial management of the association. This means that the reserve study needs to be realistic. Too often, we hear from new clients that they don't believe their prior reserve study was correct. We believe that the reserve study should be a reflection of the Association's actual maintenance plan. Therefore we will ask you questions about recently completed and planned future reserve expenditures. While none of us can accurately predict the future over the next 30 years, the association's facilities manager usually has very concrete short-term plans (over the next 1 to 3 years). We attempt to incorporate that plan into the reserve study, otherwise the reserve study serves little purpose.
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